Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tiger Tim Bell is heading the bill at the Reggio Calabria Club Friday the 13th August against Joel Casey.

Bell has been nursing a cut eye he suffered in the first round of his last fight, a win against Togasilimai Letoa by unanimous decision.

The tiger a weighty puncher and always makes sure his opponents know he in in the ring as he pounds his them from start to finish.

Joel Casey a journeyman and a popular standup fighter/boxer having fought in nearly all states of Australia, he is 26 years of age and welcomes hard fight which no doubt Tim will see to.

This fight could go either way if Casey uses smart defense and keeps up the work and avoids Tim's big guns.

Buy your tickets to this event from this venue is expected to sell out in a hurry as it is not the biggest of venues.

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