Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DANNY GREEN Fight with PAUL BRIGGS opinion

This footage proves Paul was in serious trouble and YVB think that if this fight continued undoubtedly may have ended in a fatality.

Young Victor the author of YVB website challenges any medical physician with any boxing knowledge that argues that the punch thrown by Danny was not sufficiant to be followed by a fall to the canvas and that Briggs was in a condition to fight on.

In this footage there is absolutely no doubt that the straight left by Green was damaging enough to cause a concussion reminding the recipient to stop fighting considering Briggs had already experienced visual and other problems when retired back in the days of his last fight with Rupert van Aswegen 4th Feb 2007 which undoubtedly mostly points to brain damage

It is also clear to most boxing pundits and Young Victor are of the opinion prior to the period of his last fight just mentioned Paul would have taken Danny to the cleaners with out much doubt.

See this:

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