Tuesday, July 27, 2010

DANNY GREEN Fight with PAUL BRIGGS opinion

This footage proves Paul was in serious trouble and YVB think that if this fight continued undoubtedly may have ended in a fatality.

Young Victor the author of YVB website challenges any medical physician with any boxing knowledge that argues that the punch thrown by Danny was not sufficiant to be followed by a fall to the canvas and that Briggs was in a condition to fight on.

In this footage there is absolutely no doubt that the straight left by Green was damaging enough to cause a concussion reminding the recipient to stop fighting considering Briggs had already experienced visual and other problems when retired back in the days of his last fight with Rupert van Aswegen 4th Feb 2007 which undoubtedly mostly points to brain damage

It is also clear to most boxing pundits and Young Victor are of the opinion prior to the period of his last fight just mentioned Paul would have taken Danny to the cleaners with out much doubt.

See this:

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Tiger Tim Bell is heading the bill at the Reggio Calabria Club Friday the 13th August against Joel Casey.

Bell has been nursing a cut eye he suffered in the first round of his last fight, a win against Togasilimai Letoa by unanimous decision.

The tiger a weighty puncher and always makes sure his opponents know he in in the ring as he pounds his them from start to finish.

Joel Casey a journeyman and a popular standup fighter/boxer having fought in nearly all states of Australia, he is 26 years of age and welcomes hard fight which no doubt Tim will see to.

This fight could go either way if Casey uses smart defense and keeps up the work and avoids Tim's big guns.

Buy your tickets to this event from www.boxingtickets.net.au this venue is expected to sell out in a hurry as it is not the biggest of venues.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Was it a fix?

23/7/2010 by Young Victor

Young Victor's explanation of this fight was already pointed out prior to this time seen here below but he may add:
Great Possibilty
That something went wrong in Paul Brigg's head by, even, the slightest bump and have caused an eye problem that may have triggered a sign (known to have previously occurred) only he can explain, this may have indicated to him that he should stop fighting.
After all life is more important.
Would people have preferred to see an outcome that may have ended in Paul being disabled or dead?

Boxing will not suffer through all the suddenly out of closet writers coming out of everywhere without any significant experience in the great game of boxing, now seemingly experienced in professional boxing all crying over fans being cheated, robbed and suggesting a fix....

Boxing is still king and will always be, it is the most exciting sport of all sports.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Jack Rennie turns 80

18/7/2010: by Young Victor
Today Jack Rennie is out celebrating his birthday which was last Tuesday 13th July with a major guest being Gus Mercurio. He was born in 1930.
Jack took Lionel Rose all the way to a World title to become the first Aboriginal to reach such high status in Boxing. Jack, himself had a boxing career of 28 fights seen here Jack Rennie
All at YVB and Australia's boxing fraternity wish Jack a happy birthday.

Savior needed for top line fight card

Local Melbourne promoter Charlie Liparota of RINGSIDE PROMOTIONS looks like being the man to save PABA Light heavyweight fight featuring "Tiger" Tim Bell and Joel Casey' along with the great undercard fights planned previously by Sydneysider Michael O'Brien.

The card was planned to run at Sebel Hotel ballroom on 8th Aug. when it fell through after changing from Sebel Hotel to MCEC and totally abandoned.

Mr. Liparota is desperately trying to acquire another venue for this show.

You can rest assured that as soon as this is accomplished we will bring you the details on our boxing ticket sales section to the right on this page

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Good night of boxing expected at Coburg

Good night of boxing

expected at Coburg

Unbeaten WBO youth Super Bantamweight Champion Daniel Iannazzo will go 12 rounds with Allan Jay Tunacao for the PABA Super Bantamweight Title with the hope of earning a shot at a world title fight.

Tunacao has won his last 9 fights and is no pushover, he will be right in the fight to the end.

WBF Super Bantamweight champion Susie Ramadan also unbeaten in 14 fights will face Jane Kavulani a veteran of 23 fights. more undercard fights can be viewed http://www.boxingtickets.net.au/Boxing_tickets_to_Coburg_Town_Hall_9th_July_2010.htm


2/8/2010 by Young Victor

Anthony Mundine will be attending the Reggio Calabria Club fightnight 13th. August in Parkville.

The man is said to be here to support the fighters.

YVB will be at ringside and may get a chance to interview the man and fill you in on some of his plans.